Commercial Used Trucks, Used Box Trucks, Semi Trucks, Tampa, Florida

 Truck Financing, Used Truck Financing, Semi Truck Finance, Box Truck Finance, Florida  Limited Truck Warranty, Used truck warranty, Florida, Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville, Miami
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Used Trucks, Used Box Trucks, Semi Trucks, Tampa, Florida

Available Commercial Used Trucks, Used Box Trucks, Semi Trucks and Used Cargo Vans, Inventory for Sale

Commercial Used Trucks, Used Box Trucks, Semi Trucks, Tampa, Florida

 Heavy Used Semi Trucks for Sale  

 Class 7 – 8 GVW – Over 26,000 Lbs
2012 International Daycab, Single Axle Daycab, Semi Truck, Tampa, Florida, Orlando, Jacksonville, Miami, FLStock  #: 1602-1833
2012  International 8600 Single Axle Daycab Semi Truck with an International Diesel Engine and 10 Speed Manual Transmission.
Mileage: ~298,288 Miles

Price: Coming Soon 
Additional Specs and Pictures 
Freightliner for sale, Freightliner Daycab tandem axle, Freightliner Columbia, cheap semi truck, rust free semi truck, Tampa, Florida, OrlandoStock # 1702-9911
2006 Freightliner Columbia Tandem Axle Daycab Tractor Semi Truck for Sale, Mercedes Benz Diesel Engine, 10 Speed Manual Transmission
Odometer Reading: 669,211 Miles

Price: $21,500 USD
Additional Specs and Pictures
Freightliner Semi Truck for sale, Daycab tandem axle, low miles used truck, rust free semi truck, tampa, florida, orlando, jacksonville

Stock # 1702-3231
2010 Freightliner Columbia Tandem Axle Daycab Tractor Semi Truck for Sale, Detroit Diesel Engine, 10 Speed Manual Transmission.  Above is the sister Tractor Trailer also for sale, Stock # 1702-3234
Odometer Reading: 388,379 Miles

Price: $30,500 USD
Additional Specs and Pictures

ottawa yard spotter, yard spotter for sale, used spotter, Tampa, Florida, Orlando, Ocala

Stock  #: 1602-6164
2003  Ottawa Commando 30 Yard Spotter Blue with a Cummins Engine 5.9L and 173 HP, Automatic in good condition.  Off Hwy Only
Mileage: ~175,895 Miles & 15,376.9 Engine Hours

Price: $ 24,9oo NOW $23,500 USD
Additional Specs and Pictures

Heavy Used Commercial Trucks for Sale & Reefer Trucks – CDL 

 Class 7 GVW – Over 26,000 Lbs
2006 Freightliner Cab & Chassis Double Frame, Binary Controls, Florida, Tampa, Orlando, Miami, JacksonvilleStock  #: 1602-9224
2006 Freightliner M2 Cab & Chassis for Sale in Tampa, Florida, MB Diesel Engine, Automatic, Tandem Axle with PTO Provision, 53,220 GVW, Left Hand Drive and Right Hand Drive (LHD & RHD) in Good Condition, Low Miles
Mileage: ~119,309  Miles
Price: $19,500  Discounted Now $ 16,500 USD
For More Freightliner Cab & Chassis Truck Details
Freightliner box truck for sale, used box truck, cheap box truck, rust free box truck, box truck with lift gate, Tampa, Olrando Florida

Stock  #: 1611-4710
2008 Freightliner M2-106 20 ft Box Truck for Sale in Tampa, Florida, Cummins Diesel Engine, Automatic, Tandem Axle, 33,000 GVW, in Very Good Condition
Mileage: ~224,928  Miles

Price: $ 17,000 USD
For More Freightliner 20 ft Box Truck Details

Internanional 4300 Produce Refrigerated Box truck for sale, used reefer truck, cheap box truck, rust reefer box truck, reefer truck with lift gate, Tampa, Orlando Florida

Stock # 1502-9175
2006 International 4300 20ft Refrigerated Produce Reefer Box Truck for Sale, DT 466 Diesel Engine, 6 Speed Manual Transmission, 32,000 Lbs GVW
Mileage: ~  268,260 Miles

Price:  $18,000 USD
More 4300 20′ Reefer Truck Details

 Heavy Duty Trucks – Bucket Trucks / Boom Trucks For Sale

Stock # 1602-9132
1998 Freightliner FL80 Boom Truck / Bucket Truck for Sale, Cummins Diesel Engine, TA Bucket Truck 55′ Platform Height,  53,220 Lbs GVW,  Tampa, FL
Mileage: ~  59,816 Miles

Price:  $17,900 NOW $15,900 USD  Just Reduced
More Freightliner Bucket Truck For Sale Details

Medium Commercial Used Trucks Inventory for Sale (Non-CDL), Used Box Trucks and Used Reefer Trucks

 Class 4-6 GVW – 14,000 Lbs to 26,000 Lbs

Stock  #: 1602-1391
2000 Chevrolet 3500HD Single Axle Bucket Truck for Sale with a 29 ft Platform Height, a Mechanics Body, a Chevrolet 6.5L V8 Diesel Engine, Automatic in Tampa, FL
Mileage: ~ 175,311 Miles

Price: $ 15,500 USD
For More 19ft Platform Height Bucket Truck Details

Freightliner box truck, used box truck for sale, 26ft Used Box Truck , box truck with liftgate, rust free box truck, tampa, florida, orlando, jacksonville

Stock  #: 1702-4925
2012 Freightliner 26 ft Box Truck for Sale in Tampa, Florida, Diesel Cummins Engine, 6 Speed Automatic, 26000 GVW,  3,500 Liftgate, E-Track & Slats in Very Good Condition
Mileage: 251,400 Miles

Price: $32,500 Just Reduced $29,500 USD
For More Freightliner 26 ft Box Truck Details

07 International 4300, 26ft Box Truck, liftgate, used 26 ft box truck, Tampa, Florida, Orlanod, Freightliner Box truckStock  #: 1703-2595
2007 International 4300 26 ft Box Truck for Sale in Tampa, Florida, DT466E Engine, 5 Speed Automatic w OD, 26000 GVW,  2,500 Liftgate, E-Track in Very Good Condition
Mileage: ~ 239,523 Miles

Price: Call for Pricing
For More International 26 ft Box Truck Details
Used Hino box truck, 18ft Box Truck, rust free box truck, used 18 ft box truck, Tampa, Florida, Orlando, Freightliner Box truckStock  #: 1510-0093
2009 Hino 268 18 ft Box Truck for Sale in Tampa, Florida, Diesel Engine, Automatic, 25950 GVW, in Very Good Condition
Mileage: ~ 244,741 Miles

Price: $22,900 Just Reduced $22,500 USD
For More Hino 268 18 ft Box Truck Details
Used Freightliner Box truck, 20ft Box Truck, liftgate, used 20 ft box truck, Tampa, Florida, Orlanod,

Stock  #: 1611-4710
2008 Freightliner M2-106 20 ft Box Truck for Sale in Tampa, Florida, Cummins Diesel Engine, Automatic, Tandem Axle, 33,000 RGVW, In FL can be registered for 26,000 GVW, in Very Good Condition
Mileage: ~224,928  Miles

Price: $18,500 USD
For More Freightliner 20 ft Box Truck Details

Used Cabover Box truck, 16ft Box Truck, liftgate, used 16 ft box truck, used isuzu box truck, Tampa, Florida, OrlandoStock #1411-1060
2009 International CF600 City Star Cabover 16 Ft Box Truck For Sale, International Engine, 5 Speed Automatic Transmission, Liftgate, Diesel, in very good condition located in Tampa, Florida 19,500 GVW
Mileage: ~ 135,939 Miles

Price: $ 21,950 USD
For More International Cabover Box Truck Details

very cheap box truck, used box truck, 14ft box truck, 12 ft box truck, moving truck for sale, tampa, florida, orlando, plant city, lakelandStock #1511-5413
1996 Ford F350XL 14ft Box Truck For Sale, Automatic, with a ramp, 11,000 GVW, in good condition
Mileage: ~ 198,734 Miles

Price: $3,995 NOW $3,000 USD 
For More Ford 14ft Used Box Truck Details
Fuso, Mitsubishi, Used Cabover reefer Box truck, 14ft refrigerated Truck, liftgate, used 14 ft reefer truck, used isuzu reefer truck, Tampa, Florida, OrlandoStock #1510-0227
2012 Mitsubishi FE180 Fuso 14 ft Reefer Truck for Sale, 14Ft Refrigerated Truck, with a Mitsubishi 3.0L Diesel Engine, Automatic, 17,995 GVW,
Mileage: ~ 195,734 Miles

Price: $ 24,900 USD 
For More Fuso Used Reefer Truck Details

Light Commercial Used Trucks Inventory for Sale

 Class 2 – 3 GVW – 6,000 to 14,000 Lbs

Cargo Van, Cheap cargo Van, Used Ford Cargo van, Tampa, Florida, Orlando, Plant City, LakelandStock # 1302-8591
2003 Ford E250 Cargo Van for Sale
Mileage: ~103,830 miles
Price: Sale Pending
More Ford E250 Cargo Van For Sale Details

Cars / SUVs / Trucks Inventory for Sale

We do not have any Cars, SUV’s or Pick Up Trucks available right now

Trailers Inventory for sale

Looking for Trailers – Call us 813-333-2219

Used Commercial Truck Bodies For Sale

Looking for Commercial Used Truck Bodies. Are you interested in selling your commercial used truck body? Call Us 813-333-22-19

10′ Steel Flatbed Truck Body for sale in good condition.
Manufacturer and age unknown.
Body Dimensions: Length: 10 feet x Width: 8 feet
Bulkhead Dimensions: Height: 42 inches x Width: 96 inches
Tool Boxes (2) they are below the floor (see pictures) The Tool Box Dimensions: 5 feet wide x 18 inches deep x 18 inches high
The OVERALL Length (including dovetail) is 10 feet 10 inches (10’10”)
The OVERALL Height (bottom of tool box to top of bulkhead) is 63″
Price: $ 1,000USD 
For More  Flatbed Truck Body Details Call Us at 813-333-2219

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Commercial Used Trucks, Box Trucks, Semi Trucks, Bucket Trucks, Tampa, Florida


Global Used Truck Sales purchases, sells, consigns and exports used commercial vehicles, used trucks, used tractors trailers or used semi trucks, used commercial trucks, used box trucks, trailers, bucket trucks, reefer Trucks, Yard Spotters, etc.  We are located in Tampa, Florida but purchase and sale used trucks everywhere in the United States. We sell used trucks in Miami, Naples, Sarasota, Tampa, Orlando, Ocala, Jacksonville, etc, all Florida.

Our Certified Pre-Owned Trucks and Semi Trucks go through a rigorous check through a third party expert. The used trucks pass a comprehensive inspection, and this team of professionals also make sure that the used trucks pass the US DOT Safety Certification.

The majority of our trucks are rust free and in great condition.

Commercial Used Trucks, Used Box Trucks, Semi Trucks, Reefer Trucks, Bucket Trucks, Yard Spotters, Tampa, Florida.  Please review our Used Commercial Truck For Sale Inventory, Used Box Trucks for Sale and Used Semi Trucks For Sale and if you have any questions about the used truck specifications, DOT inspection, truck Warranties, truck financing, truck transportation or truck export email us at or call us at 813-333-2219.


We specialize in the sale of used trucks, used box trucks and used semi in the state of Florida, including Orlando, Ocala, Jacksonville, Miami and all the east coast and west coast of Florida. Sometimes we also have some inventory that is not located in Tampa, Florida.   We have customers everywhere in the United States so if you are looking for any kind of commercial truck in a different city other than Tampa, Florida we can send an email or two to our customers to see if they are selling or will be interested in selling any of their equipment.

We also transport used trucks to South East States, North East States, Central States and the Midwest.  Call Us and we can offer you a Free Shipping Quote for the Used Truck you are interested in.

Our used truck dealership specializes in Medium and Heavy duty used trucks that include: box trucks, refrigerated trucks (reefer trucks), bucket trucks, yard spotters, flatbed trucks, cab and chassis, single axle daycab tractor, tandem axle daycab tractor, single axle sleeper semi truck, tandem axle sleeper semi truck and other specialty trucks.  We also carry light duty trucks such as cargo vans, passenger vans, step vans (walk in vans), mechanic trucks and cutaway box trucks (hicubes).  Occasionally we carry some trailers.

Global Used Truck Sales is always interested in buying your work truck or commercial used truck. We will purchase your used commercial truck at our Tampa location after being checked by our mechanics. We are located at 4182 E Hillsborough Ave, Tampa, Florida. We have Heavy-duty Class 8 used trucks, medium-duty used trucks and light duty used trucks.

Commercial Used Trucks for Sale, Semis Trucks, Bucket Trucks, Tampa, Florida by Global Used Truck Sale a dealer and truck trader in Florida.


We sale our used trucks to the whole continental United States, especially Macon, Georgia, Atlanta Georgia

We also sale to the islands, the Caribbean islands, Central America, including, Panama, where we ship our used trucks to Puerto Colon, o Costa Rica, Puerto Limón, Puerto Cortes en Honduras, Puerto de Barranquilla in Colombia, Puerto Esmeraldas, Puerto Manta o el Puerto de Guayaquil in Ecuador, Puerto Salaverry, Ilo o Atico in Peru. 

In Africa we currently are shipping used commercial trucks or used work trucks to the Port of Lagos in Nigeria.  We would love to extend our sales to Western Sahara, Mauritania, Senegal, The Gambia, Guinea-Bissau, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana Togo, Benin, Cameroon, Congo Angola or Namibia. 


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