Improve Credit, Finance Used Truck, Lower Truck Payments FL


Improve your Credit, Finance a Used Truck and Lower your Truck Payments, FL


Steps to Improve your Credit, Finance a Used Truck, Semi Truck, Box Truck etc, and lower your Truck Payments, FL


Lets review the different types of credit and how they affect your credit score.

There are 2 types of Credits:


types of credits, truck credit, semi truck credit, lower truck payments


Installment Credit

Revolving Credit

Installment Credit is the credit that you take all the money out upfront and it needs to be payback at a fixed schedule until it is fully paid back. Ie: Mortgage, Truck Loan



Truck Installment Payments, Truck Credit, Semi Truck, Box Truck Finance, FL


Revolving Credit is an open line of credit that can be used anytime and it is up to a certain limit. Ie: Credit Cards



Improve Credit, Buy Truck, finance Truck, Finace semi truck, florida



 Installment Credit Is Good as long as:

  • Pay on time
  • It does not represent a big percentage of your income
Revolving Credit is BENEFICIAL because:

  • Overtime it shows how good you manage credit
  • As long as you don’t use much of it. Keep revolving balances low.  Use about 30%
  • Pay bills on time
  • Pay more than the monthly minimum


They all together form YOUR CREDIT


but this chart will provide you with a good idea


Improve Credit, Finance Used Truck, Lower Truck Payments FL

If you are interested in IMPROVING YOUR CREDIT and LOWER THE PAYMENTS of any of  our USED TRUCKS  SEMI TRUCKS, BOX TRUCKS or any other vehicle consider the next steps:


1-  Pull your FREE Annual Credit Report.  You can get in January from one of the 3 Credit Reporting Companies, like Equifax, then in May you can get another credit report from the other company, like TransUnion, and finally you can get the 3rd one September from Experian.  Then start the cycle all over again the following January.  Remember you can only get one a year from each credit reporting company

2- Review all your open credit (Revolving and Installment Credit)

3- If you don’t have a lot of credit:

  • Open some credit cards
  • Remember to only charge up to 30% of your credit limit
  • Pay on time
  • Pay at least the minimum payment if not more
  • Use it
  • Do not open too many accounts at once

4- If you have outstanding debt:

  • Contact your debtor and work a payment plan
  • Full fill your plan, don’t fall behind
  • Keep an eye on the debt and ensure that the information is up to date
  • Do not run your credit too many times when purchasing on credit

5 – Running your Free Credit Reports not only ensures that your credit is improving but also allows you to prevent any identity theft.


Increase FICO Score, buy truck, buy semi truck, finance box truck, finance semi truck, help finance, FL, Florida


And REMEMBER the more you work on your credit the lower your payments will be.  In the long run that will save you much of that hard working income.

Let us know if we can help you FINANCE any USED TRUCK, SEMI TRUCK, BOX TRUCK or any OTHER VEHICLE that we have.  We want to see you SUCCEED.



When you are ready for the next step let us know.  Pick the used truck, semi truck, box truck etc, that you are interested on, then download the CREDIT APPLICATION, fill it out and email or drop it by, we will take care of the rest.

Improve Credit, Finance Used Truck, Lower Truck Payments FL


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