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We take very seriously your personal information and we do not share it unless we let you know.

We love if you share your email with us.  It is very important for us that you feel comfortable sharing your email and interests or needs so we can provide you with information and products that you may be interested.  We do not share that information with any other company.

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Please feel free to contact us with any question or if you would like to know the information we have from you, you can contact us once a year a make a written request and we will email you the report.





Unless otherwise indicated on this website, Global Used Truck Sales name, logo and catch phrases are service marks of Global Used Truck Sales, LLC.  All other trademarks showing on this website are property of their respective owners.



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Official Language:

Our Official Language is English.  All our used trucks or used semis advertising, inventory description, information, specifications, contracts, disclosures etc, are in English.  If you have any difficulty understanding English, please ask a trusted friend that is completely bilingual or a professional translator to help you understand the used trucks or used semis specifications and/or any other information that you may need to understand, including the contracts and disclosures.  We are not responsible for misunderstandings.

Nuestra lengua oficial es el Inglés.  Toda nuestra publicidad, descripción del inventario, información, especificaciones, contratos, y revelaciones de nuestros camiones usados, mulas o semi remolque usados son en Inglés.   Si usted tiene dificultad entendiendo Inglés, por favor pregúntele a un amigo de confianza que sea completamente bilingüe o a un traductor profesional que le ayude a entender las especificaciones del camión usado o del semi-remolque y/o cualquier otra información que necesite entender, incluyendo los contratos y revelaciones.



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