Exporter Nigeria, Exporter Ivory Coast

Brian Donley & Terence McCulley current United States Ambassador to The Ivory Coast and previous Ambassador to Nigeria from 2010 to 2013

Export to Caribbean Islands

Elizabeth Donley with the Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda from 2004 to 2014


We are experienced, knowledgeable, professionals with high standards in quality and delivery.  


Your Satisfaction is our Goal!


We are NASBITE CGBP Certified.  This “designation demonstrates an individual’s ability to conduct global business including Global Business Management, Global Marketing, Supply Chain Management, and Trade Finance.” NASBITE.  

We are always looking for the best for our customers.

Need a truck sent to a foreign destination?

  • We can locate the perfect truck for you, based on your spec, age, location and price requirements;
  • We can also provide you with ground transportation of your new used truck or semi truck to the port and freight forwarders;
  • Get shipping quotes from freight forwarders;
  • Prepare the vehicle for shipping; get the original title from DMV and all the paperwork required;
  • Let the freight forwarder book the shipment with the transport company, organize shipping insurance, receive bill of lading after the vessel departure;
  • Then, follow up with the freight forwarder after they contacted the destination regarding the arrival of the ship.
  • Also, ask us about FL State Sales Tax Exemptions according to Florida Regulations for commercial vehicles being exported outside of the United States.


We are experts in the Export Truck Market and have lived in many foreign countries.  We understand the idiosyncrasy of different cultures and we are ready to help you to export your truck, negotiate and secure the best possible prices in the shorter amount of time and avoid any possible problems.

It is a simple as let us know the used truck that you are interested on, we will take care of letting you know the best cost of the truck and the best possible cost of shipping the truck to your destination, we will provide you with insurance options.  We also will let you know when is the next boat leaving the US port to your destination and an estimated time of arrival. We really look forward in helping you.


We currently export to Africa (specifically Nigeria), Central America (specially Panama & Costa Rica), Canada, Caribbean (specially Republica Dominicana, Trinidad, Aruba & Curacao), South America (specially Bolivia), Asia and Western Europe.


Ayuda en Español:

Nosotros somos expertos en el Mercado de Exportación de Camiones de todo tipo, (Vehículos livianos, Camiones Medianos, o Camiones Pesados) a Latinoamerica, incluyendo Mexico, America Central, Suramérica y las islas del Caribe.  Hemos exportado, trabajado y vivido en Latinoamerica e entendemos la idiosincracia de hacer negocios en America Central y Suramérica.

Podemos ofrecerle camiones en excelentes condiciones y precios, proveer todo el papeleo necesario para la exportación incluyendo las medidas exactas del camión, el peso del camión, el título del camión y el bill of lading, conseguir el mejor precio para enviar el camión a su país o destino final, y proveer diferentes alternativas o cotizaciones de precios para el seguro naviero de dicho camión si está interesado.  También le diremos las próximas fechas para la salida de los buques navieros  y un estimado de la fecha de llegada a su pais.  De verdad queremos poderle ayudar en la compra y exportación de su próximo camión pesado, camión mediano o vehiculo liviano.

Siempre estamos en la busqueda de lo mejor para nuestros clientes.
Por favor envienos un correo electronico a  sales@globalusedtrucksales.com or Skype “nmdonley


Si tiene cualquier pregunta en espanol por favor no dude en contactarme.  También me puede conseguir fácilmente en Facebook, LinkedIn o Twitter.  

For all other inquires please e-mail sales@globalusedtrucksales.com or Skype “globalusedtrucks


Export Shipping Trucks, Florida


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